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Azada ancient magic safe code

azada ancient magic safe code

Use Machete on pokemon xy game pc tree and get Tree Branch.
Page Two: The Witch the witch has the notion that we are on her side and wants us to get a chicken to fatten up the boy.Put the Stone Disc on the phonograph and hear.Close the freezer door.Mirror Puzzle Video Page 2: The Jungle get Handkerchief from branch.The puzzles are all random, meaning each time you play you will get a different on, therefore the only pictures provided are examples of solutions.
Shoot high and to the left and the ball will curve and hit the four balloons behind the wall.
Rock Puzzle Video Page Four: Cave Days take the Shovel on the right side and the Head of Horus near the center of the screen.
The door is locked, let's go to Page Two and Three and then return to this section.
The Robin is back sitting on the wall, use the Whistle on it my tablet wont let me games again and it will fly to the tree.
There are always two fuses that cannot be moved but need to be counted as one.
Go to Page Two and then return to this section.
Use the Switch Potion on Hyde and go back to Page Three.Give the Card to our weary voyager so he can get home in time for dinner, men, they're all alike!This is a random puzzle therefore I have no solution for you.If it's in the correct spot the square will stay gray, if it's wrong it will be red.Show Gretel the Card so the swan can take them home.Give the Card to Colin before his father returns.Go to Page Four.You will have to use objects in your inventory to help get through.Grab the Prism from the bookshelf on the right side.