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Backup exec 2012 deduplication logon account

backup exec 2012 deduplication logon account

MS Paint cant save image components as layers or vectors; its for making flat static images only.
The client passes the information to the report server in an http authentication request.You can change this value to Allow if you want to enforce extended protection hobbit dvd release date new zealand on clients that are running an OS with extended protection and allow authentication for all other clients.When you select this method, you must further specify Kerberos or ntlm as the authentication type.On the General tab, after you select the.The documentation says you should add a Service Principal Name (SPN) to the server you're trusting for delegation if you use a domain account for the service account._xsolapi_precompute_subquery true olap API precomputes subqueries?1000 olap API suppression AW mask threshold 4000 olap API suppression chunk size _xsolapi_use_models true olap API uses models?(Authentication will fail if you enable this feature in ssrs but not the.) Channel binding ensures the integrity of the communication channel between two points using a channel binding token.Other user activities that require a connection to the report server include report deployment using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (bids server administration using SQL Server Management Studio (ssms) or a command-line utility, and report rendering using URL access.
If you're running ssrs in an intranet environment with SSL or if you're using a gateway device with an SSL connection to the report server, use Direct.
Now let's look at how account delegation would work if Athens hosted an IIS Web server.
_xsolapi_use_olap_dml true olap API uses olap DML?
If she's using Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE the Web server won't prompt her for login credentials.
Crucially, those circles still had jagged curves._xsolapi_share_executors true olap API share executors?Therefore, trusting for delegation a computer that's outside a firewall or that's not physically secured isn't a good idea.Security in a database-management system such as SQL Server begins with authentication, which is the process of ensuring that a user requesting a service is a valid user and is authorized to access that service.Pred_AND_RC olap API behavior for auto materialization _xsolapi_build_trace false olap API output build info to trace game roller coaster 2 pc file _xsolapi_debug_output suppress olap API debug output disposition _xsolapi_densify_cubes tabular olap API cube densification overfetch olap API symmetric overfetch _xsolapi_dml_trace false olap API output dml commands and expressions.Arrays for ipc statistics _ksxp_ping_enable true disable dynamic loadin of lib skgxp _ksxp_ping_polling_time 0 max.You can then configure report data sources to use Windows integrated security to pass the user's identity to the database server.