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House of cards episode 11

house of cards episode 11

May 30, 2017, chapter 63 is the eleventh episode of, season.
Im fucking you because I hate you.
Theyve always had problems in the past, but this time, with articles of impeachment being filed in a few days and leaks finding their way to the media, things are different.
Doug watches her express shock and surprise as he surveils her, but we still dont know whats in that file.Not now, not ever.Stamper has Yates followed, which she sees as beyond the scope of their surveillance, and lets Doug know that she's fully aware of his relationship with Laura Moretti, and how it could be a liability to Frank.Stamper pledges his loyalty to Frank, and pays lip service to remaining loyal to Claire as well, but these two are united in their current distrust of the First Lady.Best line "You have.What is her performance telling us?
Claire finds Tom in the kitchen of the residence, because he of course has nothing else to do and nowhere else.
Frank is speechless, partially because Womack himself is under investigation.
Claire basically"s Frank in her breakup: Theres just no place for you here anymore.
A sort of permasmile.
Frank has the sneaking suspicion he cant trust Claire, but he doesnt pes 2006 patch 2013 tpb know who shes working with behind his back or what exactly shes plotting, if anything.
Claire also knows, which adds a great, thrilling tension to everything she says and does: She knows shes being watched.
Your behavior shows poor judgment, Doug, and could be a liability for the president.Seth calls the head of the organ transplant list, following up after Jeffries' snooping around.An article breaks the next day: that a source from within the White House confirmed that Frank used questionable intelligence to close voting centers on election day.Thats a game were not going to participate in, the network said Sunday about responding to leaks.The Democrats see at least one way forward that would avoid a lot of mess: Frank resigning.She is not especially convincing as an ignorant, yes-woman of a wife.Hes just touched by Dougs everlasting devotion, the truest love in all.Add to that the fraying relationship between Doug and Seth, as well as Doug cutting ties with Laura Moretti, and you get the sense that everyone is scrambling.This d gray man episodes subbed meeting comes after Claire tells Frank that shes heading to the gym to run off some stress, only for Frank to then try to track her movements.Seth uses this opportunity to call Garrett a disgruntled former president, as if Garrett was a middle manager who got fired from a Kinkos for showing up stoned to work.Downton Abbey used to say, hes being too familiar.But he cant put one over on Claire.Doug takes this opportunity to confess to the transplant widow who plot twist!Anyways, with the Underwoods panicking about more potential leaks, they bring in adct Greene to fight back.