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Marketing definition business dictionary

marketing definition business dictionary

held by individuals and in bank deposits.
A situation in which a listed company buys back its own shares from shareholders.
Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR.The estimated value of an asset, for example a piece of machinery, which is to be scrapped or removed.Sell Limit Order - An order to a stock broker to sell a specific number of shares at or above a specified price.Within modern free market economics, shareholder dividends are a major and neglected aspect of the psychological contract.Abstract bluemoon greatsword special attack - A brief summary covering the main points of a written article or research project.Killer App - Short for Killer Application.
Actuals - Real costs, sales, etc., that have occurred, rather than estimations or expectations.
Magic bullet - A simple effective solution to a serious or complex problem, especially in medicine, for example a cure for a disease.
This 'daft group decision' effect may also ramadan calendar 2014 in pakistan be likened to group decision outcomes represented by expressions such as 'designed by committee' and 'a camel is a horse designed by a committee both of which seek to illustrate that group decisions often produce unhelpful or poor.
Consumer Price Index - CPI.Post Cessation Covenant - An employment contract clause/provision which seeks to prevent an employee from exploiting his/her after leaving the employment and to compete with the previous employer, or to work for a competing organization.An available room in a hotel.Retained Profits - A business profit, after tax and dividend payments to shareholders, which is retained by the business and often used for reinvestment.This is done so that some of the traffic can be diverted from the original website to the Mirror Site when the original site becomes very busy.Rat is also a verb, meaning to inform or betray.An investor who is allowed on the trading floor of a stock exchange, to buy and sell shares, etc., for their own account.