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Misfits season 2 episode 7

misfits season 2 episode 7

The Misfits Christmas Special airs again on Christmas Eve, Friday, December 24th.
Elliot uses magnetism to levitate the php manual pdf format gun away from Luke, who in turn agrees to worship him.
She admits to Simon that she lied to him, but he forgives her.
Xmas Special, is considered to be the seventh and final episode.Continuity, edit, this episode shows, simon knowing that he was.Seth buys powers, and deals them out to anybody who can afford them.Follow Den Of Geek on Twitter right here.Crazyhead 6 Episodes, the Inbetweeners 3 Series, 18 Episodes, my Mad Fat Diary 3 Series, 16 Episodes.Shameless with a hilarious birth sequence.Finally, with the locker full of money, the gang revisit Seth, who tells them that they can choose whatever powers he has left.At the address advertised they meet Seth, a drug dealer who was also struck in the storm and now has the ability to deal powers.
Kelly works for the council cleaning bins, Nathan dresses up as Santa and gives out leaflets, Simon is practicing parkour after learning that he is Superhoodie and.
No more community service.
And as Nikki, Ruth Negga was a great regular addition to the group.Simon is shocked when Alisha touches him to no effect, but they have sex and Simon feels inadequate when he cannot perform like his future self.This is the only episode where the entire gang is not in community service for the whole episode.He tells everyone that he is Jesus Christ, having risen again.Now we have heroes, we need an actual villain for them to fight against.The next day, Alisha is out walking when Elliot catches up to her.Luke returns to him with a container of coins, but Elliot orders Luke to go out and steal all the money he can.Kelly volunteers to go first, and the series ends as Seth gives her a power.Which itself answers the prayers of a disillusioned vicar, Elliott, who's looking to become the second coming and convince his flock to part with their money.Smart, snappy, confident and tightly written, Misfits is the show that comic fans never knew they wanted.Seth tells Curtis his power was sold, but the others must each pay 40,000.When she tells him about Elliot, Simon leaves intent on killing him.Following up on the poster she saw, Alisha meets Seth, a man who has the ability to remove and harness powers, although he cannot use them himself.He reveals that he has Alisha's power and uses it on her.