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Outside zipper pocket tutorial

outside zipper pocket tutorial

This did take a little while to make because I didnt work from a pattern and I was still working out what kinda features I wanted, but once you have pc tools firewall windows 8.1 all that sorted its fairly simple.
Outside Pocket Tutorial, source Abuse Report.
Sew the pocket pieces together.
Make sure to add all the pockets, zips and straps before full constructing the whole tote bag.Fold and press the zipper opening.You also want to draw a triangle at each end with lines at about 45 degrees to the corners, a line connecting them, and a line marking the middle of the rectangle.The only difference is that on one end, make sure you fold the short edge down first before folding the long edges down.Make sure you caught both layers and that the pocket pulls away from the main fabric.Youll say to yourself, That was it?It is fine if these pieces are larger than the base, because it is possible to cut off the excess after the zip has been inserted and the lining pieces have been sewn together.This bag consists of two inner pockets an outer zipper pocket and a side string closure that alters the shape of the bag.Feel free to do a victory dance.
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Also because you will be using regular fabric and not faux leather, be sure to use the iron and press before sewing.
By this I mean, using a large stitch, sew the edges down.
Outside Pocket 3d Flower, source Abuse Report.I used 26cm x 35cm.Outside Pocket Sale.You can vary the size of your welt so as to show more or less of your zipper.Steps: (This looks complicated in words but if you follow the pictures, it really is not.Strap fabric: 20cm, ive given the measurements of the materials used in the tutorials below, they include the seam allowance of 1cm.This is the tutorial for you!Construct the lining and outer bodies.