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Photoshop cs6 4k display

photoshop cs6 4k display

At that resolution the icons in CS6 are extremely small.
Reason: Added comments on Capture One Reply With" 4th December 2015, 06:38 AM #20 Re: Problem with tiny icon size within PS CS6 on 4K monitor Hi, Looked at my version of CS6 and cannot see how to change these icons at all.
Hi Jorge, I have exactly the same problem with the same monitor (samsung U28E590D 28" 4k).The fix for CS6 suggested in Robin's link may solve your issue but there seems to be a bit of a cloud over what it does to the image view.Enter Value Data 1 and select Decimal.Rather than change a bunch of setting every time I needed to use a few apps by Adobe, I started to seek out a better solution without much luck.Have you tried the magnifier?The only other thing is if you do want to consider moving, pretty well all the alternatives are available on 30 day (or similar) free trial.It should look great now.
If this works for you, you won't need a replacement.
The solution: Have the app tell Windows that it is not DPI aware and let it scale everything properly.
I work on a desktop with a 1920 x 1200 display, and I'm quite happy with that for the time being.
I spoke with Adobe and they said basically I either have to purchase photoshop all's well that ends well pdf cc or lower the resolution of my high resolution monitor.Icons are usually viewed in something like Windows Explorer.Attached Images Reply With" 1st December 2015, 01:32 PM #10 re: Problem with tiny icon size within PS CS6 on 4K monitor Bernie My not-to-be-taken-seriously bosch alarm change master code response is "Buy a Mac" and then you can use Affinity Photo!Sorry Bernie, I misunderstood your issue, I was thinking of photo icons (thumbnails).Do not be intimidated.(Granted, this is not the ideal solution, but it does make the apps usable again).Any advice would be much appreciated.But I do have some images on my website, with @2x versions for Retina/HiDpi, and they look absolutely amazing on iPads and smartphones.I moved to PhaseOne's Capture One 8 Pro as my main DAM and editor after Apple pulled the plug on Aperture, and really like it (supplemented occasionally by Affinity Photo).But the bit that gets me on this post is the":- ' contacted Adobe and they said buy photoshop cc' i'm sorry but that is a dreadful way to treat customers!