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Plants vs zombies user file editor

plants vs zombies user file editor

Dat associated to them.
For example you can copy the folder userdata (read below) and rename the copy into userdata_bak.Zombies contains data about your progress in the game, money, unlocked modes, trophies, achievements, purchased items, plants in your Zen Garden, and your Zombatars.The author waives all liability express or implied to the extent permitted by law.This is an online savegame editor for Plants vs Zombies.For details of the user file format used to create this tool and screenshots, see: m/wiki/User_File_Format, plants.There should be a file named user1.dat, that is the file you can upload to edit.This tool (written in C# on Windows) makes it easy to modify the user file of the PC version of Plants.This application is not created by and has no affiliation with Popcap Games.If there are multiple users into the game, there is one file for each of them.Dat so that PvZ Online Savegame Editor can show you the list of the users in your game and the files userN.
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After that you are satisfied with your changes, you can download your edited file and put it in place of your current savegame.
To try out the user file editor, download it directly fifteen thousand useful phrases ebook from: for more info on the user file, see: m/wiki/User_File_Format, plants.
Since the savegame files are a bit different between the versions of the game for Mac OS X and Windows, you should specify your platform.
I do not guarantee that the files generated by this web application are compatible with the version of your game.
Locate your savegame file, your savegame files are in the "userdata" folder, here you are its path: In Mac OS X: /Library/Application you can use the "Go to Folder." command that is in the "Go" menu of the Finder.Zombies is a trademark of Popcap Games.Privacy Policy, legal, steam Subscriber Agreement, refunds.It currently only supports a specific version of the user file format (version 12 or 0x0C) but more versions can be added in the future.By directly modifying the user file you can change any of these things, and do certain things that are either very difficult (like earning 999,990) or not possible in the game (like having Corn Cobs in your Zen Garden).It automatically creates backups of your user file, so it is safe to use.This enables a variety of cheats.Icon is Fiore 01 by Mauro Olivo from Open Clip Art Library.Once you upload a savegame file, you will be able to edit.Upload a savegame file, edit your savegame file, first you should upload one of your savegame file.All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries.All rights to this application (source, binaries, and resources) are waived under the Creative Commons Zero Waiver.I am not liable for any damage caused by this web application and/or by the files generated by it, use it at your own risk.