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Word count in pages 5.5.3

word count in pages 5.5.3

Clarified Phoenix Down must be used before battle ends.
Slightly boosted base stat gains for battles.
Clarified you may only have one civilization.Ki Disruptor and Ki Suppression have been clarified that you can use them to mask your true power level as well as actually lower.New alliance quest board was made.Increased ki cost.Added new Epic difficulty quests Added 19 Epic quests and 15 new quest items.
Lucifer's Trial quest added (now evil people can actually obtain the Golden Sash).
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All base training gains have been doubled.
Saiyan tail grab flaw now lasts until 25,000 PL instead of 20,000.
For example, an easy quest once required 6 posts small business ideas in mumbai 2013 for full bonus and now requires 1,800 words in the quest for the full bonus spread out over 5 posts (6 posts @ 300 words per post 1,800).
Added new rare items: Hex Bag and Apollyon.
If count is negative, everything to the right of the final delimiter (counting from the right) is returned.# of blasts during each attack has been specified.Added percent increase of damage for weapons.Buffed Archon Amulet stat bonuses by 500 all.All updates will be made Sunday so posts made on Sunday will not be counted.Cost of Ki Buffer has been increased to 2,000 zeni.Brute Axe is now a level 3 axe.